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    TECHCARE QATAR is the first Qatar based company providing the HDPE lining Service using tight fit and loose liner technology. Bringing our experience and services performed in Qatar where our HDPE team served and satisfied the industrial needs. HDPE lining is an economic and robust solution for pipeline rehabilitation for protecting pipelines from corrosion. We provide high integrity and economically best liner systems for use in new and existing pipelines using the best machineries and equipments with tight liner and loose liner technology.
    HDPE Geomembrane liners another type of lining specially applied on Tanks, ponds and reservoirs. HDPE is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. We are fully equipped to supply and install sheets of variable sizes and specification.
    Application of HDPE Geomembrane liner:

    • Tank leakage protection

    • Spill containment

    • Chemical spill containment

    • Bund lining and protection

    • Landfill basal liners

    • Landfill capping lining projects

    • Reservoirs

    • Wildlife lakes

    • Pond liners

    • Golf course lakes, and pond liners

    • Reed bed liners

    • Water and sewage treatment linings

    • Farm slurry lagoon liners

    • Internal Anaerobic Digestion and bio gas tank linings


    TECHCARE QATAR in association with its principle is providing Cathodic protection services in Qatar. Our principle specialized in the areas of Cathodic protection and Corrosion control is a technology driven, customer oriented manufacturing company based in UAE. We maintain a team of qualified engineers and technicians with ample site experience. We offer full range of engineering services, instruments and products related to Cathodic protection. Services include Engineering, Site Survey, installation, Testing and Commissioning, Periodic monitoring and maintenance, remote monitoring and Control & Product supply.

    • Enginneering
      • Cathodic Protection System designs: In accordance to NACE Specifications & Practices, British standards, Applicable Industry and Client Requirements.
      • Risk Assessment & Consequence Studies.
      • Formulation of Multilayer Rehabilitation Plans.
      • AC Mittigation Studies and Measures.
      • Insulating Flange Testing
      • Interference Testing
      • Testing & Commissioning of Cathodic protection Systems
      • Maintenance Contracts
      • Training Programs to Clients In Corrosion Related Subjects

    • Surveys
      • Cathodic Protection System Surveys
      • Soil resistivity surveys
      • Computerizes surveys- CIPS, DCVG, Pearson etc.
      • Cathodic protection monitoring
      • Close Interval potential surveys(CIPS)
      • Current Drainage Surveys
      • Insulating flange testing
      • Interference testing
      • Pearson Survey
      • Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey

    • Installation / Commissioning
      • Cathodic Protection System Surveys
      • Soil resistivity surveys
      • Computerizes surveys- CIPS, DCVG, Pearson etc.
      • Cathodic protection monitoring
      • Close Interval potential surveys(CIPS)
      • Current Drainage Surveys
      • Insulating flange testing
      • Interference testing
      • Pearson Survey
      • Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey

    • Periodic Monitoring /Maintenance

    • Remote Monitoring/ Control

    • Products
      • Impressed Current Anodes
      • Cables & wire SACP
      • Transformer Rectifier
      • Test Stations
      • Junction Boxes
      • Instrument and Accessories
      • Insulation Materials
      • Joints and Splicing Materials
      • Reference Electrodes

    Advanced polymer coatings are used for aggressive industrial environments and transport equipment. For more than a decade Advanced polymer coatings have withstood the tremendous stresses and extremes of chemical attack and abrasive wear. It has been proven worldwide under the most arduous operating conditions, from resisting the most aggressive chemicals to handling hot pipelines in sub-freezing temperatures, with a history of success. Based on this experience, the development of It represents a quantum leap in chemical resistant polymer coatings.
    The Advanced Polymer Coatings provide high performance corrosion protection. They are engineered using polymer technology to deliver excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals.
    Advanced Polymer Coatings are formulated with these outstanding features and benefits:

    • Resistance to aggressive chemical exposures, including strong acids, alkalis, gases, solvents and oxidizers

    • Superior bond strength and adhesion to metal substrates, composites and concrete

    • Virtually non permeable film minimizing cargo absorption and assuring content purity

    • Wear and abrasion resistance

    • Impact resistance

    • Outstanding flexibility

    • Steam cleanable

    • Field repairable

    • Complies with all FDA regulations

    • High temperature resistance up to 500°F (260°C)

    • Thermal cycling resistance -40° to +400°F (-40° to 204°C)

    • Resists hydro blasting

    • Excellent conductive / static dissipating properties

    • Low surface tension

    • It is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food grade cargoes.


    Polymer concretes are heavy-duty castables with a chemical-resistant matrix. This makes them the perfect solution for areas where more than a surface overlay is required. Application and reinforcement techniques are similar to working with Portland concrete. The major advantage is an extremely chemically-resistant infrastructure completed in a fraction of the time.


    We supplement our applications from start to finish with a complete line of easy to apply substrate repair materials. From minor patching to extensive substrate repair,we can meet your needs.

    • Underlayment - Fast curing high early strength resurfacer

    • Substrate Resurfacer – Spin cast material to restore manholes

    • ConoCrete Fast Patch – Quick curing floor patch

    • InstaPlug- hydraulic water plug for active leaks

    • H2O pruf- Cmentitous waterproofing compound for weeping concrete

    • Filler Compound- Epoxy for filling uneven surfaces and bugholes.

    • Hydro active polyurethane Grout – Foaming chemical grout for cracks and voids.


    Our materials are frequently specified throughout both wastewater collection systems and treatment plants. In between a residence and the plant, common applications are found in manholes. Lift stations, interceptors and medium to large diameter tunnels.
    At sewerage treatment plants, our products protect the surfaces of headworks, grit chambers, sedimentation tanks and clarifiers.

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