Tech care Qatar is a part of a leading and renowned business group named Care N Cure. Care N cure is global group of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, engineering and constructions. We work on things that matter. We strongly believe that we have the best people, best knowledge and best machinery to take the demanding global challenges. Our innovative approach towards customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality have enabled us to attain leadership in all our major lines of business. Tech care Qatar, our new division of engineering supplies has taken its pinnacle by satisfying the demanding requirement arising from the Oil and Gas, Power and Petrochemical, Utility, Infrastructure and Building construction sectors in Qatar.

The supply range includes piping and associated materials of various material grades and specialized services including corrosion control through cathodic protection, HDPE Lining and Specialized coatings etc. We are confident of creating a revolutionary footprint yet in harmony with environment.

We are committed to implement and uphold an effective Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2008 International Standard requirements & other applicable Statutory & Regulatory requirements.

Latest News
  • Care n Cure Pharmacy , has been officially inaugurated at Bin Mahmoud, near Red Lobster Restaurant.
  • Afiya Pharmacy has been offically inaugurated at Al Furjan Souq. Dafna
  • Modern Afia Pharmacy , has been officially inaugurated at Al Furjan Souq, Sailiya.
  • Afiya Modern Industrial, the 22nd Pharmacy has been officially inaugurated at industrial Area Street No: 6

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